Why to start BJJ?
This New Year, make a resolution; to be a good Human Being. With the start of year, start BBJ. We are enlisting here reasons why one should be a BJJ fighter. Let make the difference;
why to start bjj- mmafightland
Everyone can learn BJJ
There are no hard and fast rules to start BJJ. Your will and passion will be enough. There are no limitations to take part in this game. Anyone who got the will to learn and change physically, mentally and spiritually can start. BJJ is designed to strengthen weaker and individual powerful. It would be easy for a weaker to tackle down a stronger. Fear got no place here.
Properly shaped body
BJJ is a game that will force you to remain in shape. Massive workout of pushing and pulling during game will force every muscle from pushups to sparring. This is why BJJ is different from all other karate games. It uses the maximum of body movement and energy to burn fats for fitness. You will enjoy the best shape of your body.
BJJ will become a lifestyle
Helio Gercie, a famous forefather of BJJ was practicing till his 90s. It is a game that will become an important part of your regular lifestyle. It will keep you fit in later ages of life. The moment that other lose because of fitness you must be enjoying with the same energy of young ages.
Karate is termed as the game of spirit. And BJJ is the best form of it. It will teach to handle resilience. People are losing tempered and getting harsh towards worst events of life. Once, they get in something that let them manage pressure. BJJ will redesign you as a good human being that can handle any worst thing with peace and precision.
“You are your own competition”
BJJ will force you to compete yourself. Techniques you will learn will confident you to take part in any fight for a reason. Self-defense is the best form fight in routine life. We will discuss in net blog how BJJ can help you in self-defense. These forces inside you are very important to be channelized. Being a BJJ expert it doesn’t mean you can tackle down anything. It meant, peace. Peace to handle yourself and your energies to be used at right time.