Hero of BJJ- Rubens Charles Maciel
Rubens Charles Maciel, AKA “Cobrinha” is one of the best known BJJ contender. He was born on December 24, 1979 in Brazil. Known for best featherweight for decade. He is among the best pond to pound JJ competitors in the world.
Rubens Charles Maciel - MMA Fightland
Cobrinha is member of Alliance Jiu Jitsu. He is a Black Belt in BJJ with many medals. Started his career in 2000 and became Black Belt in 2005. He earned medals in every competition after that, figure of total 10. Cobrinha is famous for his attacking style. He is also famous for his guard. He is always cherished by his fellow competitors for his guard technique.
Cobrinha served Alliance Jiu Jitsu as instructor at its headquarters. With one of the best student Fabricio Werdum. A famous MMA contender and UFC heavyweight champion. Fabricio is also two times International BJJ Champion. Cobrinha is now running his school Cobrinha BJJ in Los Angles, California.
Cobrinha BJJ got the best instructors, including Cobrinha himself, Fabbio Passo, Florentino Morales and Kenndy Maciel. With state of the art facility, Cobrinha BJJ is offering coaching for BJJ, Sub Grappling, BJJ for kids and Bully Proof Seminars.
Cobrinha being the topper of lightweight BJJ contenders since last four years added another world title last year at the age of 37. In this age, he is fit for a game like BJJ and this is the real motivation he got for his students too. Cobrinha is famous for best diet guidelines and practices to stay in order for the BJJ.
This week Cobrinha is the Hero of BJJ at MMA Fight Land. We will come again with more inspiring stories of BJJ Heroes. Till than have a passionate fight!