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Shock Doctor Gel Nano Mouth guard


Mouthguard Small extension
Design Unique
Color Carbon
Include Tether
Brand Shock Doctor


The Power Gel DNA Mouthguard from Shock Doctor uses the latest technology to provide you with a comfortable, customizable fit and advanced protection. This mouth guard has a soft gel-fit liner that molds to your teeth for a tight yet comfortable fit. The monocoque frame has a thick vertical wall extensions that prevent jaw injuries caused by side impacts. Power Gel DNA Mouthguard also uses upper and lower molar cushions to help protect against concussions. The unique design of the Power Gel DNA Mouthguard enables it to be used as a strapped or strapless mouth guard and quickly converts between the two. Available in three colors: carbon, blue and orange.

  • This is a single mouth guard but it has a small extension at the bottom which covers your bottom teeth, making it the ideal single mouth guard for sports where the mouth and teeth might be directly hit
  • The Gel-Fit Liner takes an exact impression of your mouth, so the mouth guard fits tight and comfortably. A secure fit helps keep your mouth guard from getting knocked loose and allows the mouth guard to provide you the best protection
  • Molds in about 2 minutes and can be remolded if done incorrectly the first time
  • A tether is included for use with a helmet. The tether clicks out easily for tether free use
  • Protects from side impacts
  • Monocoque Shock Frame is the name of the technology. The vertical walls are extended to help limit lateral jaw movement during side impacts, which helps to protect against jaw injuries
  • Available in blue, orange and carbon
  • Youth for children under 10 years of age
  • Don't deal with a puny $.79 any mouth guard anymore