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Scramble Sakuraba BJJ Kimono


Jacket 475 GSM
Ripstop Pants
Pants 10 oz
Stretch Cord Drawstring
Fabric 100% Cotton


Made custom by Scramble for Kazushi Sakuraba and, now, for you too! Rep the Gracie Hunter with this lightweight Pearl Weave and ripstop Jiu Jitsu Gi. Modeled after their popular Athlete Gi, using the same 475 GSM jacket and 10 oz trousers with no shortage of heavy reinforcement stitching. The tailored cut makes it great for competition, as do the full-length knee reinforcements. In addition to the usual shoulder embroidery, this special edition kimono features the classic Saku team logo on the left and right breast areas. Other specs include multiple drawstring loops, a stretchy cord drawstring, and a full color sublimated yoke panel.

  • Custom Sakuraba ICS logos (fully embroidered)
  • Custom SAKURABA graphic carry bag
  • 475 GSM Pearl Weave jacket
  • 10 oz ripstop pants
  • Stretch cord drawstring
  • Sublimated interior yoke panel
  • 100% cotton design
  • Competition ready