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RDX X5 Adjustable Folding Wall Bracket


Hold Up 200 Lbs
Unbeatable Strength
Powder Coated Bracket


A folding punch bag wall bracket designed with solid strength whilst still offering complete adjustability. This wall mount heavy bag hanger is virtually indestructible and it folds away conveniently after each training session to save space. An ergonomic and super reinforced wall mount, this bracket can hold the heaviest of bags and features 6 bolt points for iron force, powder coated bracket and anti-rust formula to resist the effects of weathering, plus a swing away design for total convenience post workout. Comes with D shackle, wall fixings and detailed instructions. Mainframe warranty included.

  • Uniquely built RDX® iron strength punching bag bracket to hold up to 200 lbs
  • Designed with 6 bolt points for unbeatable strength and security
  • Powder coated bracket for enhanced durability and resilience against wear and tear
  • Unique Red Oxide anti-rust formulation for all weather use
  • Foldable design which stores flush against the wall to save space in the gym