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Fuji Sekai Jiu Jitsu Gi - Black


Reinforced Triple
Embroideries High Quality
Stitching Reinforcements
Interior Taping
Ripstop Pants


The new "Sekai" Gi is Fuji's latest premium model, designed with performance and style in mind. Running with the "Sekai" or "World" theme, the jacket has unique interior prints showing a map of the world and highlighting the countries where BJJ is thriving. Specs include a lightweight fabric and ripstop pants, ideal for competition weigh-ins or hot summer training sessions. The extra wide collar prevents your opponent from establishing threatening grips. Added stitching reinforcements ensure that high stress areas will stand up to the demands of your training.

  • Lightweight single weave jacket
  • Ripstop pants
  • Red highlights
  • Interior taping
  • Skirt taping
  • Extended knee reinforcements
  • High quality embroideries
  • Bungee style drawstring
  • Triple-reinforced pants
  • Wider and firmer collar