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  • SKU: FF2000A-10 lbs

FUJI FUJI Fit Soft Kettle bell


Unique Soft Shell
Material Highest quality
Weight Multiple levels
Comfortable Handles
Brand Fuji


The FUJIFit Soft Kettlebell is the first of its kind. We sourced the highest quality materials and collaborated with top athletes to create the most versatile kettlebell on the planet. Designed with the needs of the martial artist and academy owner in mind, the FUJIFit Soft Kettlebell can be used both indoor and outdoor. The soft shell, with triple reinforced stitching, was engineered to prevent damage to mats, floors, and studios. The base was designed to sit flat and cushion the surface from unnecessary wobble and damage. With multiple levels of weight, this can be used for explosively training and stability carries. The comfortable handles and soft body makes this more forgiving on the body of the tired martial artist who wants to do conditioning training after practice. SKU #FF2000A Unique Soft Shell Triple Reinforced Stitching Comfortable Handles **THIS ITEM DOES NOT QUALIFY FOR FREE SHIPPING**